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What people in England think about new lockdown – as some predict it will last longer than a month

Written by on 04/11/2020

The public have revealed they are feeling “nervous” and “apprehensive” among other emotions ahead of the second lockdown in England.

Tougher measures to tackle coronavirus come into force from Thursday, and will last until 2 December, ministers decided on Wednesday afternoon.

Sky News correspondents Katerina Vittozzi, Laura Bundock and Tom Parmenter have spoken to people across England ahead of the imminent restrictions.

Here’s what they think…

Frances Chambers – ‘It’ll be more than four weeks’

Frances Chambers thinks England will be in lockdown for more than four weeks
Image: England will be in lockdown for more than four weeks, Frances thinks

“I do think it’ll be more than four weeks, but what can we do?” says 53-year-old Frances Chambers.

“The way I see it, we’ve never ever been in this position before so we are learning from our mistakes. We’ll have to get on with it. I am a bit worried about the schools staying open.”

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Darren and Paige Phillips – ‘We brought our wedding forward’

Darren and Paige Phillips brought their wedding forward
Image: Darren and Paige Phillips got married on Wednesday

Darren and Paige Phillips got married at Wakefield Town Hall on Wednesday, having brought their wedding day forward from 27 November to avoid the new lockdown.

“We brought it forward by about three weeks,” the new Mrs Phillips says.

“We just said to everyone, when we can, we’ll just do a big celebration. But we didn’t want to postpone it.

“We originally planned on getting married in South Wales but obviously that couldn’t happen.

“I think because the rules keep changing we didn’t know if we’d be able to do it this year if we postponed it again, so we just said, ‘let’s just go and get married’.”

So, what now for the newlyweds?

“We’re just going home!” Mrs Phillips says. “We can’t have people in the house and although it’s fairly mild for November, it’s still November, and the weather could change any minute and we didn’t want to ask people just to come and stand in the garden so we’ll save the celebration for next year!”

Uzo Anosik – ‘I’m feeling stressed’

Uzo Anosik says he is 'feeling stressed' ahead of lockdown 2.0
Image: Uzo says he is ‘feeling stressed’ ahead of the new lockdown

“Things have to be done so I understand but at the same time, I’m feeling stressed,” says 17-year-old Uzo Anosik.

“I’ll be staying at home, not being with my people, it’s stressful. But when it blows over this time we’ll be out again.”

Fiona Lunt – ‘I’m apprehensive being quite isolated’

New mum Fiona Lunt is feeling apprehensive
Image: New mum Fiona is feeling apprehensive

Fiona Lunt, 36, had her baby girl, Arabella, two months ago.

Ahead of lockdown, she’s feeling nervous.

“I’m quite apprehensive being on maternity leave and being quite isolated,” she says.

“Because obviously the first weeks that she has been here it’s been quite nice because we’ve had that period of freedom and I’ve been able to have visitors in my house and stuff.

“And now all that is going to be taken away and literally the only thing I’m going to be able to do is go out for a walk – so I’m really quite nervous for my mental health more than anything.”

Alan Jones – ‘It’s got to be done’

Alan Wakefield never expected to experience anything like this in his lifetime
Image: Alan never expected to experience anything like this in his lifetime

Alan Jones has been selling festive items, things like roast chestnuts and candy floss, from his stall in Wakefield for the past 38 years. Today, he’s shutting up his little business.

“I never expected to see anything like this in my lifetime,” he says.

“It’s got to be done but it’s annoying because this is my best time of year obviously. January, February and March for me is just a waste of time.

“I’m going to close today, for the month. But I reckon it’s going to be six or seven weeks. I can’t see it declining in a month here, all the hospitals are nearly full, this one in Wakefield is really busy.

“I lost three months in the summer, from missing out on all the fairs, all the Christmas markets, but I suppose it does just have to be sorted out.”

Danielle Warren – ‘I wish they would include schools’

Danielle Warren wishes schools would be closed too
Image: Danielle wishes schools would be closed too

Mother-of-two Danielle Warren from Bolton is still homeschooling her children because of the high infection rates in their home town.

The 38-year-old said: “I really think we should be locking down even harder, I understand the economic effect for businesses but the only way to really hit it is to hit it hard.”

She added: “I just wish they would include schools as well… even if it is just two or four weeks.

“If we are playing the hokey cokey and going in and out [of lockdown] all the time I don’t think it is going to work… at the minute it does feel it’s a bit of a token gesture.”

Chris Taylor – ‘I feel sorry for businesses’

Chris Taylor says he feels sorry for businesses
Image: Chris feels sorry for businesses

Danielle Warren’s father Chris Taylor, who is 64 and now retired, said: “I feel very sorry for the businesses again but in terms of getting on top of the virus I don’t think we have any other option.

“My parents were born in 1914 and 1920 – my father fought in Burma and we are just being asked to distance and stay at home – it’s not such a hardship compared to what our parents do have done in the past.”

Susie Winter – ‘Not seeing friends is a bit sad’

Susie Winter struggles not seeing friends during lockdown
Image: Susie struggles not seeing friends during lockdown

Secondary school teacher Susie Winter from Ormskirk in Lancashire said: “My partner is a key worker too and we are still working but it’s just not being able to see friends or have any downtime that is just a bit sad really.

“You think you are making all this effort and then you see people around breaking it and that makes it hard.”

Jacqueline Hosken – ‘People are sucked in by conspiracy theories’

Jacqueline Hosken believes there needs to be a crackdown on rulebreakers
Image: Jacqueline believes there needs to be a crackdown on rulebreakers

Susie Winter’s friend, Jacqueline Hosken, who is a full-time mother, said: “I think a lot of people are sucked in by the conspiracy theories so they really do believe what they are doing [breaking the rules] is alright – I think they do need to try and crackdown on it really.”

Alex Claridge – ‘The problem isn’t restaurants’

Alex Claridge says the COVID-19 crisis doesn't lie with restaurants
Image: Alex says the COVID-19 crisis doesn’t lie with restaurants

Chef Alex Claridge, 32, works at The Wilderness in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

“I don’t believe a word out of Boris Johnson’s mouth,” he says. “There hasn’t been any clarity for the hospitality sector, just misinformation the whole way.

“This second lockdown is going to cost us between £15,000 and £20,000. We’ll survive, but what kind of business will there be at the end of it?

“We modelled our plan on a two-week lockdown and now it’s four weeks. The problem isn’t restaurants, it’s schools, universities and supermarkets. That’s what I find hard to take.”

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