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Smart Motorway’s Kill: Claire Mercer

Smart Motorway's Kill: Claire Mercer

Motorways in Britain are some of the safest in the world and we all know the

dangers whilst driving at speed, however have we considered how Smart Motorways can pose an increased risk and hazard when something unexpected happens.

Claire Mercer who is the widow of Jason, of which was just 44 when he was killed in June last year after stopping near Junction 34 of the M1 after a minor collision has been calling on the Government and Highways England to abolish Smart Motorways all together since her husbands death, Claire is appearing in court on Monday for a sentencing hearing and Wayne spoke to Claire about the hearing and her Smart Motorway Campaign.

44-year-old Jason Mercer and 22-year-old Alexandru Murgeanu died in June last year, when a lorry ploughed into their stationary cars on the M1 near Sheffield.

You can follow the Smart Motorway’s Kill campaign on: