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Jon Bon Jovi says Harry Styles is ‘the real deal’

Written by on 03/10/2020

While the 58-year-old Bon Jovi frontman admitted he usually only listens to the artists he knows, he has been hugely impressed by the One Direction star’s solo material and believes the “future of the music business is in great hands” with Harry.

He told Rolling Stone: “I gravitate to the artists I know, but you do stumble onto someone and think the future of the music business is certainly in great hands. Generationally speaking, Harry Styles is the real deal. He’s really great.”
Jon is also a fan of Taylor Swift, The Chicks and The Killers.

He said: “Taylor Swift is going to be here for as long as she chooses to be. She’s growing as a person. She’s growing as an artist. This thing she did with that guy from the National, bravo to her for taking a shot like that. The Chicks record! I’m so happy to see them back. They have gone to the depths of hell and made a really great record. As a rock band, I’m still always a fan of the Killers. There’s a lot of things, new and old, that are working for me.”

Bon Jovi’s 15th album ‘2020’ is their most political to date and includes songs about the Covid-19 pandemic and racial injustice.

Jon said: “When the world stopped and we were all watching television and hopefully reading the papers and forming our opinions of what was going on during that period in time, you saw this passing of an African-American differently. Is it because the world had stopped? Is it because it was such good pictures with audio? For whatever reason, it resonated, and it certainly resonated with me. When his buddy gets on the air and says to the morning-show host, ‘In his last breaths, he was calling out for his mom,’ I welled up. The only way that I can capture those feelings was to talk about it with my wife and to sit down and write a song about it.”

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