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Jon Bon Jovi previewed new album to Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney

Written by on 02/10/2020

Jon Bon Jovi got the approval of two of his greatest peers – Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney – after finishing work on his new album, 2020.

The new record is released on Friday and, speaking to MailOnline from New York, the hitmaker reveals he was encouraged by the favourable reaction after previewing Bon Jovi’s new music to The Boss and former The Beatles star.

“Bruce came over to my house and we sat down and listened to 2020 and Letter To You,” he explains. “We’re both from New Jersey and have known each other long enough not to pull any punches. But he applauded 2020… and his album’s great!”

He adds: “It was the same when I played it for Paul, just the two of us in a room. I hadn’t finished recording Lower The Flag, so I picked up a guitar and played it in person.”

“Singing a new song live in front of a Beatle took some courage,” the Always hitmaker quips.

The rocker’s timely new album had been slated for a May release, but amid the Covid-19 crisis he postponed plans to write two new songs – one about the pandemic, and another about the Black Lives Matter protests.

“I am a witness to history,” he says. “I believe the greatest gift of an artist is the ability to use their voice to speak to issues that move us.”

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