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Ella Mai thinks coronavirus lockdown helped her creativity

Written by on 10/10/2020

Ella Mai thinks the coronavirus lockdown may have helped her creativity.

The 25-year-old singer has been forced to record in a restricted environment due to safety measures over recent months, but Ella doesn’t think it’s been a problem for her.

She said: “Honestly, other than the fact that I couldn’t go to the studio and when I did, I was under different measures. Like, only a certain number of people were allowed in the room to stay safe, but that was it.

“Creatively, it might have actually helped. I don’t know, because I’m a creature of habit. So being able to be in the room with the same three or four people [didn’t affect me]. I don’t need to be on a beach somewhere, [because] I’m a creature of habit.

“So if I can be in the same room and know exactly where everything is, it kind of makes me a bit more comfortable than being somewhere different everyday. The pandemic didn’t really affect me creatively in any way.”

Ella released her debut album back in 2018, but she’s adopted a different approach to her new record.

She told Billboard: “I think these sessions that I’ve been doing for the sophomore album are a lot more figured out.
“When I was recording the debut, I was a lot younger, and I was trying to figure out what I wanted to sound like, figure out what I wanted to say – and as much as I love my debut album, I was in a very much different space career-wise and as a person. I was 21, 22.”

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