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Dolly Parton: ‘I’ll look as young as my plastic surgeons will allow me’

Written by on 15/11/2020

Dolly Parton wants to carry on having plastic surgery when she’s in her 90s.

The 74-year-old country music icon said that despite being in her later years, she’s refusing to accept ageing, and wants to prevent it for as long as possible.

“I’m gonna look like a cartoon,” she told Oprah Winfrey during an interview on her The Oprah Conversation Apple TV+ show. “I’ll have on the mak-eup. I’ll look as young as my plastic surgeons will allow me and (with) all the make-up and lighting and all that. But I think more than anything, it’s about what comes from inside you.”

When quizzed by the host on how she reacts to reaching each milestone age, Dolly said she doesn’t accept how old she is, as it’s just a figure.

“I don’t think about my life in terms of numbers. First of all, I ain’t never gonna be old because I ain’t got time to be old. I can’t stop long enough to grow old,” she quipped, noting that she wanted to look like Hungarian-American socialites Magda and Zsa Zsa Gabor.

“I bet you I won’t look much different when I’m 95, if I live that long, because I’m like the Gabor sisters,” Dolly joked.

The Jolene hitmaker said that despite going under the knife multiple times, the nips and tucks have never affected her personality and positive outlook on life.

“It’s an attitude and you gotta shine from within. Sometimes, that can make you feel young and make you seem young to other people,” she shared.

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