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Daredevil taken to hospital after jumping from helicopter into sea – without parachute

Written by on 26/10/2020

A former paratrooper has been taken to hospital as a precaution after he jumped without a parachute from a helicopter into the sea during a world record attempt.

John Bream, who is nicknamed the Flying Fish, was thought to have leapt from about 40 metres (130ft) above the water but was then seen to land awkwardly in the Solent.

The 34-year-old daredevil was said to have hit his head on entry and was briefly unconscious when divers reached him off Hayling Island, near Portsmouth.

But he was then seen waving from a boat and later walking and chatting with paramedics as he was checked over before being taken to hospital.

Mr Bream waves after setting the record for the highest jump into water from an aircraft
Image: Mr Bream waves after jumping from a helicopter into the sea

Mr Bream was raising funds and awareness for All Call Signs and Support Our Paras, two charities which provide mental health support for veterans.

He is believed to have fallen for about three or four seconds before hitting the Solent waters at about 80mph.

He was aiming to set a record for the highest freefall into water from an aircraft. But his attempt has not yet been verified by the Guinness World Records.

Former paratrooper John Bream (centre, wearing blue hat) is picked up from the water
Image: The 34-year-old (wearing blue hat) is picked up from the water

According to his page, Mr Bream is hoping to raise £5,000 with his leap from the helicopter which he also made to prove “veterans can still achieve brilliance”.

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